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Wien [ENA] This is reflected throughout the event from the exhibition, where we work with the most valuable solution providers, to addressing the key business challenges in the Summit programme. The event is a business, innovation, networking and information platform and is seen by the industry as their terrain. The creation of European Utility Week started in 1998 when the event was called Metering, Billing/CRM Europe, ....

.... Europe, attracting 200 attendees. From then on the event organisers Synergy Events delivered a number of high-level events for the energy sector such as Smart Grids Europe, T&D Europe, ESCO and a series of regional spin-off events in the smart utilities space. Now in its 5th year, the event attracts over 12,000 decision makers and experts from utilities, network operators, vendors, consultants, startups and system integrators covering the entire smart energy value chain.

European Utility Week 2018 brings new conference formats, truly interactive Hub Sessions, engaging networking areas, relevant Hubs & Zones on the Exhibition Floor, live technology demonstrations and personalised event experiences! When: 6 - 8 November 2018 Where: Messe Wien Address: Messeplatz 1, P.O.Box 277, A-1021 Vienna, Austria Venue website: Quelle: European Utility Week

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